‘The Radical Policy Centre’ is a new kind of virtual Think Tank for those of a broadly progressive liberal, liberal democratic or social democratic persuasion.


The centre ground of UK politics needs to rapidly generate radical, pragmatic and balanced, policy solutions to answer the pressing social, cultural and economic problems that caused the disaster of the 2016 Brexit referendum. We need to be tough on Brexit, but also on the causes of Brexit.

One way of doing that is to create an open platform where political and policy ideas can be pitched and developed through discussion.


Our objectives are simple:

  • To provide a space where radical, progressive and liberal policy ideas can be floated and developed.
  • To create a community of academics, experts and policymakers who are willing to collaborate on this venture.


PITCH a policy or political idea which should be a short description (probably 800 words or less) of a policy idea, principle, or proposal and what problem or opportunity it seeks to address.

The PITCH should include links to background research, reports, papers, etc. that support or expand on the central idea.

A PITCH can come from anyone: an individual expert or activist; interest groups; think tanks; etc. People may even want to flag ideas that have come from elsewhere.

Each PITCH will be moderated before being posted – as will all discussions.


The site will try to foster (and moderate) deliberative debate and discussion.

It will have a strong focus on evidence and rational debate.

It will (soon!) provide a simple template for those wishing to PITCH an idea so it is clear and accessible to interested readers and community members.


This is a ‘soft launch’ of a very unfinished product. We’re in the process of developing a network of supporters and contributors. We thought it better to get going and build this from the bottom-up. We’ll be adding new content shortly.

If you are interested in contributing please email me by clicking on my name below.

Thanks for your interest.

Colin Talbot